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4K TV'sAt Paradise Home Entertainment I find the new Ultra HD is a game changer. Finally after 25 years of 1080p we are advancing to Ultra HD for TVs and projectors. UHD has about 400% more lines of resolution. Because of the advanced clarity you can watch a larger TV without eye fatigue. Family room TVs are now averaging 65” & 75”.

You’ll find several sources for Ultra HDTV: internet streaming, DirecTV, DishNET, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube and many more. Movies have been made in 4K for several years. Now the TV industry is catching up.

Many of the finer audio video systems we design and install are centralized. This is where the electronics for all the TVs, speaker & automation systems are housed.  Instead of having duplicate systems in different rooms, everything is in one area & distributed through a whole house entertainment system. 

All of your video sources: Cox cable boxes, DirecTV tuners, Apple TV, Hulu etc are connected to a matrix video switcher so any source can go to any TV or groups of TVs independently.

All of the audio sources: Cox cable boxes, DirecTV tuners, Apple TV, Pandora etc are connected to an audio matrix switcher so any source and go to any speakers or groups of speakers independently.

A home theater or many family rooms are perfect for Ultra HD.  My family room’s every day TV is a 133” automatic roll down screen with a hidden Ultra HD projector and a wonderful surround system.
4K Ultra HD TV
Paradise Home Entertainment has a unique approach: we prefer client education instead of sales tactics. Buzz’s clients learn what new technologies are the most beneficial for their needs so they can make informed decisions. Another advantage for Paradise Home Entertainment is the length of experience our designers & technicians have, as well as our satisfaction guarantees.

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