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Whole house audio systemAt Paradise Home Entertainment audio means several things: surround sound & whole house audio system & the type of speakers: both wired or wireless that are best suited for your situation.

We have a unique approach: preferring client education instead of sales tactics. Learn what new technologies are the most beneficial for your needs so you can make informed decisions. Another advantage for Paradise Home Entertainment is the length of experience our designers & technicians have, as well as our satisfaction guarantees. 

You may have heard the term 5.1. Surround sound includes a minim of 5 speakers and a subwoofer (.1) creating low bass. There should be 3 speakers in the front flanking the TV, the center speaker is the most important as it reproduces the voice tracks. 2 surround speakers (rear speakers) play the sound effects that’s created by the sound director; so many movies & TV shows may or may not have much sound. We’ll set up your system so when you play music all 5.1 speakers will work together for a very impressive audio sound.

Proper surround sound placement
Whole house audio systems refers to centralized audio systems connected to speakers & volume controls in throughout your home allowing you to enjoy music in more than just your family room.  It’s great to listen to your music in the: master bedroom, master bathrooms, living room & patio.

TV Audio/Video RackWired speakers are the best but the newer wireless speakers are very good and can make it easier to add music in areas without wiring. Wireless surround sound can include a sound bar, 2 small surround speakers plus a powerful subwoofer. One thing to know is that they need an AC cord to operate.

We know how to have your system totally hidden in a cabinet or closet. Our new remote controls use radio frequency instead of IR, so no pointing. Modern systems can now be operated with your smart phone, tablet and touch screens in any area you desire.

At Paradise Home Entertainment we upgrade or design many new systems without needing to add wires throughout your home which saves your money.

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