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Smart SurveillanceAt Paradise Home Entertainment we offer security systems for both residential and commercial applications. Burglar alarm systems are necessary but they’re not great burglar deterrents. I believe that it’s important to create as many burglar deterrents as possible so the thief will look for another place to rob by making it look like someone’s home all the time, even if no one’s there.

Security systems can be a pain to operate: too many buttons, hard to know how what’s left open or to bypass zones etc. Most require a land phone line to connect a central station. Modern Alarm systems are much easier to operate and don’t require a home phone line. Upgrading older security systems can make your life easier and you can operate them with your tablet or smart phone from about anywhere.

Video surveillance systems are an important part of helping to protect your property and see what’s going on. Overt outdoor cameras can help deter burglars and hidden “nanny cams” monitor staff, kids, cleaning crew, etc.
Find out who’s at the front door before opening it. Is it friends arriving or a burglar casing your place? Many HD cameras can be programmed to notify you when triggered by movement and most all of our cameras can be seen & operated with your smart phone, tablet & computer. Cameras can also be programed to turn on lights with a Smart home automation system.

The best burglar deterrents

  • Have some indoor lights automatically turn on at dusk. With a smart home system they can be programmed to independently turn

  • Play music or TV just loud enough to be heard by a burglar outside your windows.
  • Install 1 or 2 cameras that can be seen from the street, even if they are good fakes.

Other security ideas

  • Install a battery operated deadbolt door lock
  • Give house keeper or guest a security code to unlock the door

Nanny cam

With a home automation system you can unlock the door for them from your smart phone. This is perfect for seasonal & rental properties – change the code each time you have a guest, creating more security for both your property & theirs.

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