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Bring home the excitement of the movie theater!
Family room theater
A dedicated Home Theater system room is the best way to watch movies, TV, games and listen to your favorite music. This is because of the intimacy, lack of echoes & controlled lighting. 

Convert a spare bedroom for a perfect home audio video system. You can include a convertible couch when guests need the room. There are 2 video choices: standard 1080p or the new Ultra HDTV with about 400% higher resolutions, the cost is somewhat more but worth if for a larger image. Move theaters have been using 4K resolution for several years.

Creating a great home theater installation has a few rules to make it truly great!

  • Try to locate your home theater system near your kitchen & family room to make it easier to socialize.
  • The size of your TV or screen is based on where you like to sit in a movie theater and where you will sit in your own theater.
  • Room lighting i.e., ceiling cans & sconces should not be in the scope of your vision & they should be dimmable.
    Home theater
  • Seating needs to be comfortable for all to enjoy. Can be motorized theater seating, deep couches or chares.  If you need more standing room to play video games have the front seats be movable. 
  • Hide the electronics so they won’t distract your attention. Hiding you system in an enclosed cabinet & closet works very well.
  • Wall color should be deeper, like dark green, medium brown or red. Use flat paint
  • Speakers: the front speakers & subwoofer should be near or behind the screen just like a movie theater. The surround sound speakers need to be more to the left & right instead of only behind you
  • The sound should be as impressive as the image. We have calculations for the right amount of acoustic wall treatments to absorb unwanted echoes for the best theater sound.There are many other home theater systems ideas we can help you with.
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