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Bonus room redesigned as a home theaterReady to update & remodel your family room home entertainment center? At Paradise Home Entertainment we have team of creative designers, technicians and craftsman to help you create the perfect home entertainment space to remove the niches that look outdated and don’t fit the new TVs.

With our CAD drawing services we can show you what your home entertainment system will look like before we get started. We know how to hide the ugly wires & electronics behind cabinet doors, in a closet or even behind the TV itself. And yes your system will still be very easy to operate.

Sound issues

Room echoes in your family room reeks havoc with surround sound systems making it very hard to understand the dialog. Echoes are caused by hard floors, large windows and tall ceilings. To help absorb some of the echoes we recommend adding large, thick area rugs & cloth furniture. We can also provide other solutions to get the ultimate theater experience

Patio Home TheaterHome theaters can be anywhere!

Home theaters locations have changed over the years and the focus is shifting to family rooms & living rooms because of convenience to your entertainment area.

Buzz’s family room has a hidden theater that appears with a touch of a button. It includes a 133” theater screen that rolls down from the ceiling in front of artwork. The Ultra HD projector and electronics are all hidden. He also has automated black out window shade screens for daytime viewing. And yes it is fabulous!

Dedicated Home Theater room designs

Let us meet to give you ideas on how to create a great custom home theater design. Maybe you have a spare guest bedroom that isn’t used much; this can be the perfect place for an intimate home theater space with a big LED TV or theater screen & surround sound system. Add a convertible couch for guests and just lay back and enjoy.

For professional home theater design look to Paradise Home Entertainment. For over 35 years we have been providing custom home theater solutions in Arizona, delivering superior results.
Before design implementation   After the design was implemented
Before the design was implemented   After the design was implemented

Call 480-315-8877 to speak to us about home theater design or click here to contact us.
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