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We offer many types of services to meet your needs. 

Things to consider:

Your goals, what will work & look good in your space, budgets, and how easily you want your new system to operate.  We have designed over 9000 simple to elaborate home automation, home entertainment, security & Wi-Fi systems. We’ll show you how to do it right and to save time and money.Home Automation


We promise that your system will be very simply to operate.  With just 1 app on your phone or tablet will provide unified simplicity to your: homes automation, lighting scenes, temperature, TV, security, home entertainment

Home automation systems

Have us help you to create a smart home automation system. It will take care of the tasks you perform daily: lighting, thermostats, motorized window coverings, pool, spa, sprinkler system, heating & cooling control are easy to turn on, off or adjust automatically depending on the time of day or weather... or just tap a button.

Automatic lighting control for Security, Safety & Ease

For extra security never enter a dark house again.  A preset lighted pathway from your garage will automatically turn on at dusk and also appears as that someone is home. Raise or dim any light in your home with a single touch.
Replace ugly banks of dimmers and switches with an attractive keypad or touch screen. My home has all the light dimmers integrated. Just tap a button to set several dimmers to lighting ‘scenes”, i.e., party, dinner, kitchen or general house scenes, my favorite is “good night” that turns off all the lights and entertainment system. 

Entertainment System & Distributed House Music

Simple dimmers & keypad

New Ultra HD TV gives you about 400% more clarity and allows a much bigger screen without eye fatigue. Typical family room TVs are now 65” to  85". 
Add the joy to have music play all over your home. Each room can operate independently so each family member can play what they want without disturbing the household.

Home Theaters installation services

Convert a spare bedroom into a fun theater, music & game room for your family to experience better sound and video than most family rooms. Incorporate an Ultra HD projector, 120” movie screen, automatic drapes & lighting. Just add comfortable seating & popcorn!

Internet & Wi-Fi

Fast and reliable Wi-Fi is needled to extend through out you home. Streaming video, audio, & games take up huge amounts of Wi-Fi.  Add your cell phones, tablets, and you have "buffering issues" taking a long time to download or not download at all. 

Burglar Alarm systems

Install new wireless or wired security system or update your older system.

Video surveillance systems

See who’s at your front door or outside your home from your phone, tablet & computer from just about anywhere in the world. Add covert “Nanny cams” to check on your kids, or baby sitter.

Intercom systems

Replace your old unsightly intercom system with an attractive door station that rings your home or cell phones. Just pick up your phone to talk to the person at the door.

Window Shades & Screens

Manual or motorized honeycomb or roller shades in many colors including transparent to room darkening. Motorized shades enhance your homes value and decor and are custom made to fit. Automate with any tablet or smart phone.

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Is your entertainment, security or automation system a pain to operate.
We solve issues in all types of home electronics. 
Call me for a in-home consultation.  I'll give you real information on the new technologies to update, replace or create a new system.  There is no fee or obligation.

Making positive changes

After 40 years owning my businesses, I've decided to be an employee.
You can find me at Desert Valley Audio Video Inc.  Justin Worley worked with me at Paradise Home Entertainment while inside Robb & Stucky Interiors.
Now I'm working with him.

Desert Valley AV is one of the finest integrators in Arizona.
We take care of everything with new home electronics or to modernize your existing system.  Design, sell, install & long term service: Home automation - entertainment - whole home music systems - burglar alarms - Wi-Fi expansion - pre-wire new homes.  

Please contact me for a in-home consultation -- there's no fee or obligation
Buzz Jensen
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It's simple to contact us with your questions & thoughts. I'll give you easy to understand answers that will help you with your situations.

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