WiFi woes got you down?

by Buzz • March 06, 2017
All the new devices that are using Wi-Fi to connect to the internet are now creating a major snafu.
Many families are streaming movies, TV shows, Netflix, Amazon, audio, Pandora & games, to TVs, receiver, tablets & phones.
The speed from Cox, Century Link and other in-sources has increased significantly, that’s good.
Once the internet gets into you home that change, often dramatically. 
The device that connects the internet to your home is called a modem.  Its job is to translate from the incoming connection to what your computers, printers, and other connected devices understand and can use.
There is also a router / switch that has the physical connections (cat 5 wire) to each connected device.  It may also include a Wi-Fi broadcaster to send the signal through the air.
Several things happen from there. 
Wi-Fi coverage depends on the router’s strength, speed & where it’s located.  The standard basic (leased) router has a limited range and speed and depend heavily on its location, (should be near the center of the active part of your home).
Instead of leasing, you can save money and purchase a more robust router that will cover a larger area, be much faster and allow multiple connections at the same time.
On homes from the early 2000s and that are 3,000 SQ and larger we recommend access points.  Their job is to expand the Wi-Fi range by having 2 or 3 strategically placed throughout you home.  The better ones have a new technology that allows you to roam through out and not lose the connection.  The best way to have them do their job is by hard wire, (Cat 5) from the structured wiring enclosure, (box in the wall with several cables from the street to each telephone, TV and computer location in your home).
There are also Wi-Fi boosters.  These work by repeating the Wi-Fi signal to extend the coverage.  Unfortunately they are marginal because many of them are put too far from the router thus receiving a poor signal and they cut the signal in half when rebroadcasting.
I’ve heard some builders say that wiring isn’t necessary as everything is wireless.  
The moral of the story is to have wired connections as much as possible to anything that’s important.  This includes Cat 5 Ethernet, speaker cables & coax cables.
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