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by • June 28, 2016

You know it’s time for a TV and surround sound system makeover if:

1.    You can’t distinguish the color orange from the (new) black in your favorite prison show.
2.    There’s motion blur when people are running -- and you’re not watching The Flash
3.    The TV’s speakers aren’t clear enough to understand Simon Cowell’s insults
4.    You have more remotes on the coffee table than people in your home

If you don’t know where to start, the following are trends to consider before your summer Netflix binge session.

4 K Ultra HDTV   

What is 4K anyway…Several years ago movies and theaters went from film to digital.  Remember Avatar?  It was recorded with 4000 lines of resolution, making the tiny pixels very hard to see, even on a huge screen.   TV studios are now switching to 4K.  There is a large variety on: DirecTV with 3 channels, streaming from Netflix Hulu, even YouTube.

4K TVs and projectors look spectacular, due to the fact that they deliver about four times the resolution of today’s 1080p HD TV – instead of 1080 lines of resolution there is 4000. There’s so much detail in the picture it’s almost like being there.

Here’s another buzzword to familiarize yourself with: HDR: Sony invented a super 4 K resolution called “high dynamic range”.  It reproduces a visually stunning wide range of brightness, greater color and contrast on Sony’s 4K TVs over all other brands.

And the best part…4K TV prices have fallen and are about the same price as 1080 TVs were a little over a years ago.

Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs upgrades the current 1080P programming to improve movies, TV shows, photos, to content from your smartphone. Own a larger TV or sit closer? Everything stays sharp and crisp to recreates that movie theater experience.

Smarter TVs

While Smart TVs aren’t new, they’re getting even smarter.

Of course you know an Ethernet or Wi-Fi-enabled Smart TV lets you stream dozens of apps of online content on your big-screen, such as: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube, etc.  Social media like (Facebook or Twitter), photo galleries (Google Photos, Flickr), music services (Pandora, Spotify), or on-demand news, weather, sports scores, stock quotes, and other personalized information are all there.


Oh sure, your TV’s stereo audio might be OK for watching the evening news, but you can do much, much better for sound quality on television programs, sports, gaming, music videos, and movies.

As George Lucas once famously said, “sound is half the movie viewing experience”.

An option to buying a surround sound receiver, and six speakers, is to go with a horizontal soundbar, which typically sits just below the television screen.

 Most soundbars are self powered and play the TV sound much clearer than the TV speakers.  Some can create simulated surround sound. They’re generally less expensive than an AV receiver and separate speakers, easy to set up, and they take up little room so they’re ideal for small rooms, condos and apartments.

Ultimate Remotes

Life should be simple so should operating your system.  Today’s universal remotes are not only easier to program (often by downloading codes from an online database), but they can perform multiple functions with the push of a button; called “macros,” one button can turn on multiple components, switch inputs, press Play, and so on – in essence helping you do more with less stress.

Many of today’s remotes can also control other devices in your home, such as LED lights, drapes, Wi-Fi thermostat, video surveillance cameras, smart deadbolts, multi-room audio solutions, and more.

Some remote system let you use a smartphone or tablet app as a control center.

Call Buzz at Paradise Home Entertainment for a home visit. There’s not a charge for ideas on how to get you going. We sell at the same cost as Best Buy and most online sites.

Originally written: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/columnist/saltzman/2016/06/25/5-hot-home-theater-trends/86354638/



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