CES 2017 Announces new Products

by Buzz • December 09, 2016
January is just around the corner, and that means CES 2017 is almost here. CES also known as the Consumer Electronic Show is an annual trade show all about technology. With over 3,500 companies represented, there are endless amounts of gizmos and gadgets to look at. This year the trade show will be celebrating 50 years, so there are sure to be some fun surprises in store. A recent article from cepro.com outlined nine new technologies to expect at the show. Here is a sneak peek of some of our favorites.
A desktop, glasses free, spatial augmented reality system for gaming, holographic communication, education and much, much more. This projector/app combo lets you display holographic games, like chess, that are animated and interactive!

The world’s first ridable luggage. Big airports and heavy luggage are the reason we all need this product. A motorized suitcase that makes it easy to maneuver through crowds and get to your gate in a time crunch. This product has changed the travelling game. 

Paradise Home Entertainment will be in attendance at CES 2017 and we can’t wait to report back about all of the many cool gadgets and gizmos that we will be selling in the new year.

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