BIG Changes Coming to Cox Customers

by • August 23, 2016

Cox is making two BIG changes with TV and video service. If you are a current Cox Customer, this is what you need to know.

Cox is upgrading to the Contour 2 cable box system.  These cable boxes have some great advantages:  can record multiple channels at once, small “mini clients” that can be placed behind secondary TVs and a remote control that is voice activated.  

They also have a MAJOR disadvantage. The Contour 2 isn’t designed to allow any other smart remote control to operate it.  

Paradise Home Entertainment to the rescue.  If you have a smart programmed remote we know how to set up the Contour 2 so you can use your own remotes, iPads, and smart phones instead of 2 remotes.

Cox is also upgrading to digital on channels 2 through 99.  For decades you could just connect a TV to the cable wall outlet. Now, you need to lease Cox adapters to connect to all TVs that aren’t on a cable box already.  If you need help with connecting them, please let Paradise Home Entertainment know.

Many of our clients have moved to DirecTV for many reasons, with the newest reason being you can still use one controller to operate everything.

Call Paradise Home Entertainment if you have any questions or if you could use some help going digital.



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